Hey, That's Me!

Every time my work is published by someone other than myself, it will show up here. Enjoy!


From Canvas to Gingerbread by Ellen Albanese

The sweet history of a Martha’s Vineyard neighborhood.

This article is from Cape Cod Life Magazine's 2015 Annual Guide where I won a contest to illustrate this wonderful piece about the homes of Oak Bluffs, MA. I was a senior in high school and had a lot of free time to spend drawing and shading shingles. To this day it is probably the best thing I have ever done.

"Step into the historic “campground” in the Martha’s Vineyard town of Oak Bluffs, and the bustle and glitz of this resort island fall away. In season, tourists amble along the shaded paths, ogling the famous “gingerbread cottages;” residents chat with their neighbors on cozy porches; the iron tabernacle in the village center buzzes with activity. But even after the season, when most of the cottages are boarded up and the museum is closed and the tabernacle is tethered with guy wires, there is a sense of community here, a sense of harmony, a sense that something is shared in this place."


Art For Healing by Sarah Van Arsdale

My very sweet step-sister, Sarah wrote this about me when we were recently on our first family vaca. She is far more compassionate, empathetic, and talented than anybody could hope to be. 

"Growing up in a wilderness preserve on the New England peninsula of Cape Cod, Kyra became allured by the natural world at a young age. After hiking through the sandy dunes that paint Cape Cod’s coastline, Kyra found a welcoming haven when looking out at the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean. The ocean and sky are what first spoke to her, inspiring Kyra to take up oil painting as an adolescent. She became enamored with not just the hues but also the emotions that she could convey with brush and pigments, allowing her to find a focus for her artistic abilities. "