A book for anyone interested in the extensive history of the colors we interact with in our daily lives. Organized in rainbow order, St. Clair tells the fascinating and unique story behind each pigment, inspiring images of color traders and science accidents. My favorite includes the young man who invented Mauve while trying to find a cure for malaria. Although he was not successful in his cure, the creation of the purple pigment kept coal tar in common practice which was later used to discover things like hair dye and chemotherapy.

The Secret Lives of Color

Kassia St. Clair

Truly moving, it speaks about life in it's purest form: human connection. You follow along as two stories unfold side by side until coming together for a small, but life changing moment. Wistful and thought provoking.

All The Light We Cannot See

Anthony Doerr

I love a good puzzle, and this book has you putting all the pieces together to relate a grandmother’s fairytales she told to her granddaughter, to the real life she lived. Seven year old Elsa embarks on a local adventure, delivering apology letters from her late grandmother to the residents of her apartment building and learning that not everything is what it appears. Teaches that kindred spirits are not so hard to find and reiterates the importance of story telling.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

Frederik Backman

Bare with me, I thought this was going to be the cheesiest book ever. It was bought for me when I was going to study abroad in France. But the amount of times I cried and related to the main character was touching, and pleasantly surprising. And it’s about a bookshop on a boat, which is cool.

The Little Paris Bookshop

Nina George



Below is a list of reading material (books, poems) that helped me through my grief. I invite you to read them, love them, relate to them, and recommend them to others. 


Have A Little Faith

Mitch Albom

A wonderful story about life, faith, and community. I do not care if you aren’t religious.
I’m certainly not, but this book is moving on a very deep level. My therapist lent this to
me and I ended up buying my own copy. When life seems too much, it always reminds
me to have a little faith.

Permission To Mourn

Tom Zuba

A series of powerful poems to read over and over again. It is heart wrenching and yet
brings incredible peace, hope, and most importantly: truth


A poem for reflecting back on your process. Not revolutionary, just a sense of peace and
agreement. You’ll nod your head

A Poem By Herman Hesse