Born and raised on Cape Cod, MA, I have been pursuing design since the early days of sand castles on the beach. Using the seashore as my inspiration, I began my artistic endeavors with painting, portraying seascapes and sunsets, playing with light and shadow. 

Through exploring other mediums, I developed a love for illustrating the grey, weathered singles of the coastal homes around me. My appreciation of architecture grew and the practice of analyzing a building through graphite strokes became rhythmic second nature. 

I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design where I studied Interior Design with a minor in Architectural History. I believe the spaces in which we reside have the power to enhance our lives. They shape our experiences, fill our hearts, and provide meaning. 

Through all of my mediums, I hope to instill a sense of adventure, humor, and belonging back into our everyday lives.

I invite you to join me as I paint, write, stumble, and laugh my way through this crazy beautiful life.