A Common Core

The Commons is a boutique young adult oncology treatment and wellness center located in Boston, MA near the Boston Public Garden. It will cater to the specific needs of those diagnosed with sarcoma or Hodgkin lymphoma from the age of 15-25. Patients undergoing infusion chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or clinical trials will have access to the fitness and wellness resources offered. 

Inspired by the concentric rings of a tree, the space will be organized utilizing layers and integration, representing the individual users and the shared stories. With warm tones and natural finishes, The Commons will personalize and improve the patient experience, creating the feeling of a second home. In addition, local med and nursing students are welcomed into the space to learn one on one and create a connection with other young adults. 

Various lounges and private recharge rooms exist throughout the space, getting rid of the traditional “waiting room.” The facility also allows for imaging and overnight care to insure that the patients are able to stay with their trusted doctors and nurses throughout their entire medical process. 

The community built at The Commons fosters a healthy, happy, and most importantly, hopeful oncology experience.  

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